Squall Leonhart The Heart Of Lion

Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us.

Look into my eyes… You’re-going-to-like-me… You’re-going-to-like-me… Did it work?

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primaddonaqueen asked: Hey! I was wondering if you were in rhe mood to rp with me? I can do any character, so just kinda let me know who you want me to do. : )

// of course I am, I was wishing someone will ask me :)

(Roleplay Starter : Everyone is free to answer)

  • When Squall woke up, he was sure he had to be dreaming. The charred earth of his world was now covered in lush, green grass.. He could hear waves hitting the shore nearby, though the ocean had been all but dried up for ages... Very slowly, he dared to open his eyes. What he saw took his breath away.
  • Balamb Garden, in all it's glory, stood before him in a prime condition he had nearly forgotten. Last time he had seen his home, he had been destroyed, crashed into the side of a cliff as monsters they had never seen before overthrew it. But now, instead of the screams from his memories, he heard.. laughter, students talking and training and having fun.. How was this possible? Was the war over yet?
  • The young man paused, getting a hold of himself. This had to be a dream.. there was no way he was truly back home.. His home had been gone for years, thanks to his failure... Still, looking up at the beautiful building he so missed, he knew he had to go inside. At any moment the dream could turn sour, and he could watch all the horrible destruction that haunted him all over again.. He had to see his home again before that happened.
  • Ignoring the staring students, the tall man walked slowly up the stairs to the entryway, gloved hand resting on the gunblade strapped to his side as he moved through the crowd, eyes on the scenery alone. He missed this place.. He missed a lot of things...